Managing job offers and how to land the right job for you?

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

You’re almost there. After lots of planning, hard work and effort your next career move is within reach. But how do you know it’s the right job for you?

6. Managing job offers and how to land the right job for you?

As you go through your recruitment processes, keep on track by comparing each role against the four criteria from your career plan. If it becomes obvious that a company or role is not right for you, stop, don’t waste your time, withdraw and focus on other better options. Your next career move is important, so keep focused and continue searching for what is right for you.

This is now the culmination of weeks or maybe months of planning, hard work and effort. You’ve successfully navigated interviews, the steps of the recruitment process and impressed the appropriate people along the way. You are now at the final stage and close to receiving job offers. But how will you manage this process, get the best deal and land the right job for you?

This is a really important decision. We make lots and lots of decisions every day but accepting a job offer needs a bit more consideration than most. In your career action plan and early preparation, you thought about and locked-in the four criteria you want from your next career move. Now it’s time to take a look at that again. Are those priorities still right? Has anything changed?

It may make it easier to assess your decision using three factors: The company culture, the role and the salary and benefits. In my 25 years’ recruitment experience I would weight your thinking and prioritise in that order.

The company and culture and the role must be more important than salary and benefits. It’s easy to be attracted and swayed by an impressive salary, but as we all know the financial gain is short lived if you’re miserable at work and the role is not right for you.  

This decision may not be easy. In life few things are perfect and this decision will most likely involve an element of compromise. This is something we are all used to. We would love to live in a perfect house, with the perfect partner and to be in the perfect job - but life doesn’t work that way. Compromises are needed, but in the right areas and for the right reasons.

So, when you finally get to offer stage your thorough preparation and the guidance from your career plan will ensure that you make the right decision.

You’ll be confident that the company, role and salary are right for you.


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