Our Backgrounds

Paul Knight

Co-Founder Foodservice Central

Over 30 years in Foodservice across Sales, Commercial & General Management roles

15 years as Foodservice MD at Bidfood

Specialisation in winning new business

Having decided to leave Bidfood at the end of 2019 it was agreed with the board that I would leave at the end of March 2020. Sadly, my final days were spent furloughing my team leaving just a skeleton team running the business we worked so hard to create.

By April the foodservice world I have spent the last 30 years in had changed dramatically, all my customers were closed, 80% of my team furloughed but the worst was yet to come. By May I had foreseen that the next pain the pandemic would inflict on the sector was to be redundancies. At this time, I had once again picked up with Phil, someone I had known and trusted since I was a Business Manager at Booker Foodservice. We talked about how companies could support those leaving their business through Outplacement support and we worked together to create a career development program.

By June the redundancies started to appear on LinkedIn, every day more and more. At one point I thought I might have to switch off LinkedIn as it was so depressing. I then started to think about how I could support ex-colleagues and friends find new roles. One thing I had learnt is that to find a new role in foodservice you need to register with up to 15 different organisations….

It was then Foodservice Central was born. Not a recruitment site, a niche Job Board with more foodservice candidates and more foodservice roles than anywhere else.

That is now our mission.


Phil Hutchinson-May

Co-Founder Foodservice Central

Business Studies and Member CIPD

HR and Sales roles with Coca-Cola and Mars

25 years’ experience in food and drink recruitment

Extensive experiences coaching and supporting candidates

With over 25 years’ recruitment experience in the food and drink sector I thought that I’d seen it all - until Covid-19 struck the UK in early 2020. Few people could have predicted the speed and impact on the UK market and for many of us the Foodservice sector. These changes have been devasting but have also created opportunities. After speaking with Paul in May we decided to work together, support the Foodservice sector, and create a new business. Foodservice CENTRAL was born.

In recruitment the goal has always been simple. To match the right candidate with the right job. As a result, I’m pleased to say my clients have been happy and hundreds of candidates too.

What I realised though is that to be successful over a 25-year period there is much more to my success than that. It has been about being a great ambassador for my clients, understanding their culture and environment, the candidate experience, being highly effective in candidate assessment and much more. As a recruitment consultant I have always worked hard to be the best I can, and I’ve learnt from some great people along the way (thanks guys!). Ten years ago, I set up FMCG Central with a mission to create a central point for candidates and clients and now with Paul I am finally making that happen.

Our new business is unique and more than a job board. It will offer you opportunities to network, be part of a community and ultimately find the right candidate or job role you are looking for. I am passionate that we will do that in the right way. Fully engage within the Foodservice sector, partner with our customers, and support our candidates.

I’d love for you to join us……