Develop your skills

In addition to access to the best selection of employers and jobs we want to provide you with training and skill development opportunities. Think about your development along three lines, employability skills, interview skills and business skills. look below at some of the courses, videos and articles we have curated. Keep coming back and we will be updating and refreshing our content all the time.   

Firstly, think about your employability skills, and why are they important both to help you find a new role and then succeed at it?

Many of the most highly sought-after skills today are soft skills pertaining to your ability to communicate and work with a team or hard skills focused on technology. These are the in-demand skills that make you a successful candidate for employment when you're job hunting.

What are Employability Skills? Employability skills are the core skills and traits needed in nearly every job. Employability skills include the soft skills that allow you to work well with others, apply knowledge to solve problems, and to fit into any work environment. They also include the professional skills that enable you to be successful in the workplace. These are also considered as transferable skills because you can apply them to a job in any industry. These are the general skills that make someone desirable to an organization. Hiring managers almost always look for employees with these skills. Types of Employability Skills – Communication, teamwork, Critical Thinking & Ethics

Below, we've also gathered some of the best free online business courses. These cover the main business skills you'll need to advance in today's rapidly changing workplace -- from digital marketing and coding to selling, leadership, and more.

Interviewing skills finally Phil as listed his six-part tutorial on preparing, winning and then deciding whether to accept a new role.