Service Providers

We all need support for time to time so we’ve teamed up with the best in the business to give you the resources your business needs. If you would like us to promote your service, please contact us here. 

  • Freelancers, Interims and Contractors
    • Please contact Phil or Paul for your profile and services to be featured here.
  • Training and Consultancy Providers
    • Total Negotiation. We can help if you need to plan and execute a major negotiating strategy or want to train and develop your team to be better negotiators. Call Mark on 01189 334556
    • Expression for Growth. Delivering training and coaching on-line.
  • Marketing Services
    • Caterlyst. The leading provider of outlet information within the foodservice sector
  • Outlet Execution
    • Acosta. We are a leading sales and marketing business using people and technology to support your brands within outlets across the UK and Europe.